Electronic Communication Policies

The following are the attendance course policies which should guide you through the semester:

    Submitting Homework Electronically

    Many students submit their assignments via e-mail.  This is the preferred method for delivery for assignments.  Please follow the following guidelines:

    • Submit your assignments from an e-mail address where you can receive e-mail and attachments.

    • In the subject area, enter the course and assignment:  for example, M140 - Lab 2.

    • Don't forget to include your real name in the message.  Eventually, I will associate you with your handle.

    • Follow the File Naming Convention discussed below.

    • You should get an acknowledgment of receipt within 24 hours of submitting your assignment.

    File Naming Convention

    Follow the following naming convention for your attached files to avoid collisions  with other students submitting the same assignment:

    • Abbreviate the Course Identification.  For C 235 you should use C235.

    • Abbreviate the  Assignment Identification.  You could use P to indicate a project or paper; H for homework, and so on.

    • Affix at least 3 of your initials.  I would use VJM for Vincent J. Motto.

    • Add the appropriate extension.  For example, .c, or .doc.

    • If you are sending multiple files, you should ZIP them together.  You will find a good ZIP utility at www.winzip.com.   

    So the file name the file name, C235P04VJM.DOC, indicates the fourth paper (or project) for the course C 235 sent from Vincent J. Motto. And the file name C217P01VJM.ZIP indicates a package of files from Vincent J. Motto related to Project Number 1 for the C 217 course.   Hopefully, this convention will avoid the collision of your assignment with someone else's in my attachment directory.