Interaction Policies

The following are the attendance course policies which should guide you through the semester:

  • Civility:   It does not matter whether the instructor or a student has "the floor," it is important, that as adults and colleagues, we give each other our undivided attention.   Stated more plainly:  talking, reading newspapers or other outside materials, and/or passing notes to others is rude and distracting.  I ask, as the facilitator and on behalf of others, that these activities do not occur in class and that we be polite with each other.

  • Sexual Harassment:  This institution has very strict policies regarding sexual harassment.  It is not encouraged nor tolerated.   Please acquaint yourself with the University's policy.

  • Phone Calls:  I enjoy talking to my students on the telephone.  A quick phone call can often save you from frustration, and I am delighted to help.  But unfortunately with all of the phone solicitations that we receive, it is hard sometimes to identify those you want to talk with from those you don't.  So please help me by identifying yourself as a student!  "Hello, this is  Tom/Betty one of your students" would be a great help!

  • E-Mail:  E-mail is often the the fastest way to contact me.  It is strongly recommended that you place your real name and in the e-mail!   This is a great help especially if you login name is different from your real name.  Including the course name in the subject heading will also help me sort my mail, and respond more quickly.